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ScholarCentric provides educators with innovative solutions to assess and teach six critical social and emotional skills that have been proven to improve student engagement, achievement, and graduation rates. Through a research-validated predictive assessment that identifies which students are at risk and why; research-based curricula that guides students to understand the importance of education and set attainable goals; and comprehensive professional development, ScholarCentric ensures that all students have the support, knowledge and confidence they need to be successful in school and beyond.

Assess & Teach Resiliency.
See Academic Performance Improve.

What if you could identify at-risk students even before warning signs (A,B,C’s) appear? And what if you could get more students on the right path, in school and beyond, and keep them there? You can, with Success Highways research-based resiliency solution.

Edbrix, a premier collaborative education platform enables enhanced education and optimal use, manage and control of current resources. It offers numerous innovative benefits for education and PD. Become an exemplary institution, by ensuring superior performance without extending your resources.

Features Include:

Improved Education
•Optimal use of resources
•Student and Teacher interaction
•Parent participation and support
•Focused and personalized learning
•Online classroom / blended learning
•Auto-graded Assignment & Quizzes
•Content sharing

Effective Communication
•Secure Chat
•Discussion Board
•Online Meeting
•Live Broadcasting
•Notification, Announcements, and Alerts

•Language/ Terminology
•Simplified Grading System

•User Management
•Event Management
•Process Control
•Online Security
•COPPA & FERPA Compliance

Analytics & Reporting
•Advanced analytics and easy to operate content tools
•Administrative reporting on usage statistics
•Attendance and performance improvement reports
•Teacher performance reports
•Promotes innovative teaching strategies

OpenBook English is a researched-based reading, writing, speaking and listening program whose philosophy and execution grew from a synthesis of research in developmental reading and the field of rich-media, human-computer interfaces. Open Book offers content ranging from emergent literacy through SAT Prep.

“OpenBook has a variety of lesson presentations, such as graphs and charts. OpenBook also has a helpful feature that provides instruction in oral pronunciation. OpenBook is very useful with secondary-level students.”  ~Margaret A. Rohan, Nova Southeastern University.

From a selection of 4,236 pages, through content in literature, poetry, science, geography, citizenship, and history, students achieve college-entrance-level vocabulary, comprehension, diction, and usage instruction useful for SAT prep, college and work success.

Educational Impact
Educational Impact is the premier online provider of professional development for teachers, administrators and university students. The company was founded in 1999 by educators who realized that traditional professional development could be improved and enhanced through the use and integration of online learning and streaming video.

Educational Impact has a massive video library containing over 500 hours of classroom and expert videos. As a leading provider of real classroom video, top experts and custom courses, we inspire K-12 educators and prepare college students for the classroom.

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EI Courses Customized for Texas Educators

Introducing EI’s customized online courses featuring video of today’s leading educational experts combined with powerful real classroom examples, discussion boards and reflective writing assignments…all specifically designed for the new Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support Rubric.

For Administrators: Build inter-rater reliability with a consistent training program and video practice opportunities (Conferencing and Goal Setting, Teacher Evaluations & Observations).

For Teachers – TTESS Domains:
Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment, Professional Practices and Responsibilities

Texas Customized Courses